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May 25, 2022 2 min read

Balenciaga descended upon a New York City landmark last Sunday to debut its latest resort collection. One thing that’s not typically synonymous with resorts, but was at the center of many of the collection’s designs, was latex which added a hint of fetish. The label’s creative director, Demna, chose the New York Stock Exchange as the site to showcase the collection, a fitting location given the power dressing many of the designs evoked. 

The collection was divided into three parts and latex pieces were present throughout. Part one was “Garde-Robe” or what Demna described as “upscale classic” pieces, featuring oversized but tailored pieces, such as pussybow blouses and overcoats. The pieces were reminiscent of 80s power dressing, except for the latex pieces peeking out from under the designs.

Balenciaga Resort Collection Latex

For the second part of the collection, the designs transitioned to more evening-specific wear with silk and sequin-adorned dresses and silk trench coats. The elegance of the pieces was juxtaposed by oversized footwear and the latex pieces worn underneath.

Balenciaga Resort Collection Latex

The third and final part of the collection centered on Balenciaga’s collaboration with Adidas, and had a streetwear focus. The designs, including oversized tees and tracksuits, were worn over the same latex pieces worn throughout the show. In fact, with the exception of a few models who wore hooded pieces designed in other fabrics, such as sequins, all models wore latex hoods and/or bodysuits with gloves, to give a fully-covered effect. The models only had slits for the eyes and in some cases, models wore sunglasses over the latex hoods.

Balenciaga Resort Collection Latex

While the latex pieces were all worn as an accessory to the runway looks, their design can’t be overlooked for their unique features. The latex gloves featured a molded nail design, while the latex hoods had additional details including holes for ponytails and even 3D holes for earrings. Topping it all off were pointed toe latex boots, worn by many of the models completing the edgy head-to-toe effect.

Balenciaga Latex Hood

Balenciaga Latex Boot

Balenciaga Latex Glove

Balenciaga Latex Glove

Demna said Balenciaga would not be producing the latex pieces as part of the collection, but it’s clear the designer appreciates latex for the power, danger and fun it conveys. 


Photos ℅ The Cut, Vogue and WWD

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