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January 12, 2023 3 min read

Like it or not, there’s one thing the TV show Emily in Paris always delivers on: the fashion. Some of it may be polarizing, but the show promises a constant rotation of the latest trends, haute couture and boundary-pushing fashion. In the most recent season, we’re excited to see that the fashion exploration includes latex, as well as some latex adjacent looks! Below are a few of the standout fashion moments.

Head-to-toe Latex

Costume designer Marilyn Fitoussi has evolved all the characters’ looks throughout the past three seasons, and one of the character’s with the most playful wardrobe is Mindy, played by actress Ashley Park. Mindy is a cabaret singer by night, securing a permanent singing gig at a jazz club in Paris, which meant even more playful but sexy fashions. 

Emily in Paris latex

One of those looks comes in the form of a head-to-toe latex outfit, which Mindy dons to seduce a new love interest. Instead of one sexy latex look, Mindy opts for a full outfit, sporting a black latex trench paired with red thigh high boots, a red beret and a red choker. Eventually, she loses the trench and reveals an equally sexy red latex bustier dress underneath. If you love this look, you’re in luck because you can easily recreate it with pieces from Vex. We recommend the beret, oval choker, the Flasher trench coat and the CL dress for a similar look.

Emily in Paris latex

But Mindy’s fetishistic fashion moment was actually borrowed from a designer runway show. One of the clients represented by Emily’s marketing firm is a luxury designer, who’s campaigning to design the new uniforms for the Air France flight attendants. For the designer’s consideration, he focuses the collection around the theme of submission and chooses a dominatrix vibe for the designs, which are almost entirely made of latex. 

Emily in Paris latex

The runway show features models dressed as sexy flight attendants wearing an array of latex looks including two-piece sets, bustiers and booty shorts, bra tops and leggings, sheath dresses and jackets, and harnesses layered over sheer shirts, some of which were later worn by Mindy. All the looks were accessorized with latex pieces as well, including berets, gloves, leggings, belts and chokers. Although the designs weren’t selected, they were some of the best looks of the season.

Latex Adjacent

While latex wasn’t a part of every character’s wardrobe, there were some other stand out pieces that gave a similar sexy latex effect. First there’s Camille, played by Camille Razat, emulating the sexy, cool French girl in a red leather blazer. For a latex version, try ourMadonna Trench Coat. Then there’s the lead character, Emily, who experiments with stronger silhouettes this season, like this strong-shouldered jacket made by one of our favorite designers, Moschino. We love the fetishistic vibe of the buckle details!

Emily in Paris fashion

Emily in Paris fashion

Last but not least is once again, Mindy, who sported two sexy looks we love. The first was a black bustier dress in a leather/latex like fabric, worn with a gold collar-like necklace. Try theArrow Dress with theLock Collar for a similarly sexy pairing. And of course, being the cabaret queen that she is, one of Mindy’s stand out looks of the season was a bodysuit by Mugler, a favorite of ours. Although this look isn’t latex, it’s a scene-stealer and you can get a similar look with one of Vex’s catsuits, especially the Moderne Catsuit.

Emily in Paris fashion Mindy

We can’t wait to see next season’s looks!


Photos ℅ Netflix and Instagram


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