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February 15, 2023 3 min read

February can be a dreary month, but in the fashion world, it’s a busy one. Luckily, this year the month has been full of big fashion moments, and it’s only half way through the month! Whether on the runway, at an awards show or during the Super Bowl halftime show, February has been a busy month for latex looks. Below are a few of our favorites!

On the runway

During Paris Fashion Week, a few designers debuted looks accented with latex pieces. At Margiela, the collection evoked a playful, punk attitude while using a variety of patterns and fabrics including wool plaid, taffeta, tulle, organza and latex. Styling was a key element of the show, with each model sporting very layered looks, such as shorts and skirts paired with t-shirts and sheer tops, worn over tights and under coats, topped off with hats, gloves and bags. Latex was a crucial piece of the styling, with some models sporting latex shorts, gloves and/or other finishing touches that added to each look, making the designs appear multi-dimensional without chaos.

Margiela 2023 Runway Latex

Latex was also present as a key accessory during the Jean Paul Gaultier Paris Fashion Week, where models sported a variety of tailored, structured pieces, such as big overcoats and bustier jumpsuits. The collection was mostly in a neutral palette but with pops of color, including some latex accessories. The use of color was intentional; electric green eyeliner, teal blue cups on an otherwise all black jumpsuit, and latex gloves in various colors. Not all looks featured the latex gloves, but they were used in a variety of ways and colors, adding a bold pop to a white coat or a light blue to contrast a darker shade of the same color. The result felt both functional and sexy, and we love to see such a versatile use of latex as an accessory. 

Jean Paul Gaultier 2023 Runway Latex Gloves

Jean Paul Gaultier 2023 Runway Latex Gloves

On the red carpet

February is a big fashion month not just for fashion week, but for all the awards ceremonies occurring in a few short weeks. The beginning of the month kicked off with The Grammys, where a few latex and latex adjacent looks were present. First was Doja Cat, no stranger to a daring red carpet moment, who opted for a black one shoulder gown by Versace with a full train. The look may have appeared classic and understated were it not for the fabric, which was vinyl, giving a latex like effect. Since the singer also sported matching elbow sleeve gloves, the head-to-toe look made quite an entrance on the carpet. 

Doja Cat 2023 Grammys Red Carpet

Not to be outdone, Sam Smith and Kim Petras (and their entourage) also garnered a lot of attention for their monochromatic red outfits, which varied in designs and textures. Sam sported a top hat, paired with a voluminous coat and red, latex-looking gloves and a cane, while Kim rocked a puffy red dress and veil. Other members of their crew appeared to be wearing latex, or latex like pieces, including a bodysuit and gloves.

Sam Smith Kim Petras Grammys Red Carpet

A few days later, Sam made another red carpet appearance, this time wearing a full latex jumpsuit. The design, by British Indian designer HARRI, is not for wallflowers, with the inflated, oversized silhouette. We appreciate Sam’s commitment to bold, risk-taking fashion. For more on HARRI, read our previous fashion week recaps.

Sam Smith Brit Awards

On the halftime show

Last but not least, the first half of February came to a close with another much discussed cultural fashion moment, which did not occur on a runway or red carpet. During her highly anticipated Super Bowl halftime performance, Rihanna delivered a solo concert and revealed some big news; she’s pregnant with her second child. For the event, the singer made some strategic sartorial choices, wearing multiple layers that allowed her to functionally and comfortably move around - and suspend midair. The all red multi-layer ensemble consisted of a flight suit style jumpsuit, worn over a red catsuit and a red silicone breastplate, that had a latex looking effect. 

Rihanna Super Bowl

The ensemble, designed by Loewe, played an important role in revealing Rihanna’s baby news, partially revealing her bump, which she playfully rubbed, while also concealing it enough to keep viewers wondering. The singer also paid tribute to the late fashion icon Andre Leon Talley by adding on a red floor length sleeping bag coat, designed by Alaia, similar to one Talley used to wear, during the performance. 


We can’t wait to see what the rest of fashion month brings!


Images c/o Instagram

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