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October 26, 2021 2 min read

If you’ve followed celebrities on social media recently, it’s likely you’ve seen one common fashion trend - head-to-toe outfits. Everyone from Kim Kardashian, to Cardi B have been spotted in full monochromatic looks, often in the same fabric. For herSaturday Night Live  debut, Kim K wore multiple head-to-toe looks in bold colors and has since been spotted in similar looks, wearing leather leggings, coats, gloves, and boots together, leaving barely an inch of skin exposed. 

Kim’s no stranger to this trend, having embracedfull latex looks in the past; and let’s not forget her recentMet Gala look, which even covered her face. During Paris Fashion Week, Cardi B wore not one but two full-bodied looks, one in purple and the other in green, complete with matching headpieces, gloves, and sunglasses. And for the VMA awards, Kim Petras donned a Vex latex catsuit and hood, proving the importance of selecting the right material.

Head-to-toe looks can easily read as boring or overwhelming, so it’s important to pick the right color and material. Latex is a great option because it’s flattering and visually interesting, giving more dimension than a more common, softer fabric (like cotton). Keep scrolling for some of our favorite head-to-toe fashions and how to interpret them with latex pieces!

The Trend:

Kim Kardashian SNL
Kim Kardashian Head to Toe Fashion
Kim Kardashian head to toe leather

(Photos c/o WWD)

Kim K’s recent head-to-toe looks don’t shy away from color or accessories, playing with leather, hoods, and gloves.

Kim Petras VMAs

For the 2021 VMAs, Kim Petras added layers to her head-to-toe look, pairing a Richard Quinn dress over her Vex latex mask and bodysuit, providing a fresh (and non-monochromatic) way to interpret the trend.

Cardi B Paris Fashion Week
Cardi B Paris Fashion Week

(Photos c/o Vogue)

Cardi B has never been afraid to make a statement. For this year’s Paris Fashion Week, the rapper turned heads in many eye-catching outfits. Two of her Paris looks embraced the head-to-toe trend. Just like Kim K, Cardi opted to stick to one bright color for each look, coordinating everything from headpieces to sunglasses for a full-body bold statement.

How to wear it:

Latex catsuit
Latex crop top
Latex leggings

The easiest way to embrace this trend is with a catsuit, but if you want to mix it up, try pairing a bodysuit or top with matching leggings.

Latex hood
Latex stockings

The best part of this trend is the chance to turn up the drama with accessories. Don’t shy away from trying hoods, masks, headbands, stockings, and even a boa to add more to your head-to-toe look.

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