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August 15, 2022 2 min read

We always love to see latex in the media, so we’re very excited to see more and more brands featuring it in their advertising.  Last month we highlighted photos from the launch of a new beauty collection,Isamaya, which featured latex at the center of its visual campaign. But that’s not the only brand to do so lately. We’ve spotted latex popping up in a few more places, some more obvious than others. From flirty fetish to overtly sexy, here are some of the recent ways latex is making headlines.

Sweet Gwendoline French Gin

Sweet Gwendoline French Gin

Sexiness in an ad isn’t anything new, especially for an alcohol brand, but there is one brand catching our attention. While gin and latex might not seem like a natural pair, this gin brand has a brand image that sets it apart from others, thanks to a fetish flair. Sweet Gwendoline French Gin’s brand mission is to “delight” and “bewitch” and it uses latex to strike that balance. The brand features latex on everything from the bottle’s design, to the website photos and even the brand photos on Instagram.

The gin gets its name from a deep fetish history, dating back to the 1940s when visual artist & publisher John Willie and his wife & muse Holly Anna Faram launchedBIZARRE magazine as a way to artistically express their desires among a broader fetish community. During a time when sexuality was conventional and narrow,BIZARRE allowed people to explore their more erotic desires. Latex, corsets, stilettos and other erotic fashion were featured in the magazine, which is where Sweet Gwendoline the muse first appeared.

Today, the gin is keeping that spirit alive, encouraging pleasure everywhere.

Sweet Gwendoline French Gin

Heretic Parfum

Heretic Parfum

Perfume is naturally sensual, but beauty brand Heretic turns it up to a much sexier level. The brand’s name is based on the idea of nonconformity, something that’s baked into their brand DNA. Their mission is to “show the provocative side of naturals and the dirty side of clean” and Heretic believes in the sensuality of nature, something that’s explored in its products, which are sourced from unpolished plants and flowers. The “dirtiness” of the plants is reimagined into a clean parfum and Heretic plays up that paradox by using latex in its imagery. 

Not only do we love that Heretic features latex, we also appreciate their mission to disrupt and challenge the status quo. 

How to Build a Sex Room on Netflix 

How to Build a Sex Room Netflix

Latex is also featured in a more obvious way on the new Netflix showHow to Build a Sex Room. The show features interior designer Melanie Rose as she creates sex-friendly living spaces for various types of sex partners. Rose designs with intent, considering the different fetishes and fantasies of those featured on the show, including polyamourous couples and Burlesque performers. Her designs are simultaneously kinky and high-end, with details such as a soaking tub complete with a suspension bar for a couple exploring bondage. Rose is a self-proclaimed “Mary Poppins of sex rooms” and we love to see not only latex but some of our other favorite accessories, such as handcuffs, collars and whips, featured in such a public way. Latex to the masses!


Photos ℅ Sweet Gwendoline, Instagram & Netflix


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