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February 21, 2022 1 min read

Pam Anderson is an iconic figure for many reasons, but we love her for her fashion choices. Throughout the years, Pam has rocked a lot of latex and some of those looks can now be seen in the new Hulu seriesPam and Tommy. Below, we’re revisiting some of Pam’s best latex moments.

Latex Dresses

Pam Anderson Latex Dress Photoshoot

Pam Anderson Latex Dress Red Carpet

Pam Anderson Latex Dress

Whether it’s a halter dress on a late-night show, a floor-length dress for a photo shoot, or a sheath with accessories for a night out, Pam has worn her fair share of latex dresses.

Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee

Lily James as Pam Anderson in Pam & Tommy

The show leans into this, featuring Pam’s character in a knock-out latex mini in red, much like our  tank dress. For Pam’s other looks, try the  sleeveless dress  or the  bound dress.

Two-piece Ensemble

Pam Anderson and Lily James in Pam & Tommy

Pam’s affinity for latex spanned beyond dresses. She also opted for two pieces, such as a halter top and skirt or lace-up bustier with latex leggings. The latter is another one of the costumes featured inPam and Tommy, and you can get a similar look by pairing the  convex corset or  sleeveless crop top with the  pepper jeans.

Keep watching for more of Pam’s iconic looks!


(All photos c/o external sources)

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