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October 27, 2022 2 min read

September and October are busy months for fashion, with runway shows happening all over the world. This year, latex - and some latex-adjacent materials - was featured in multiple designers’ collections in New York, London, Milan and Paris. We’re sharing our favorite latex moments below, so keep scrolling!


Latex: Prabal Gurung

For the Spring 2023 Runway show, Gurung embraced one mentality, “don’t shrink.” This message was clear as his bold collection strutted down the runway, with model after model wearing bold, bright, attention-grabbing looks. Bright pink and fuchsia; ultra low rise pants slashed at the waist band; sheer, see-through tops and bottoms were all part of the runway show. 

And so was latex, which was prominently featured throughout the collection, thanks to Vex, in the form of gloves, leggings and skirts. Gurung partnered with Vex to create the designs and used latex as the ultimate eye-catching accessory, layering leggings under bright pink and green floral frocks and pairing latex gloves with feather-trimmed mini dresses and chiffon gowns. The result was a somewhat chaotic albeit bold and powerful collection not suited for wallflowers. 

Prabal Gurung 2023 Runway

Prabal Gurung Latex Runway

Prabal Gurung 2023 Runway

Latex: Hari

One designer getting noticed on the runways of London fashion week is Harri. The Indian designer presented his graduate collection (he’s currently a student at the London College of Fashion) during London’s Fashion Week and garnered attention for one particular design detail: latex. 

The designer’s signature item was balloon pants, which are trousers with a voluminous silhouette made in latex. Harri cites an interest in the perception of boundaries and the desire to stretch boundaries as a motivation for using the material. HIs idea to achieve a voluminous style proved challenging, so Harri searched for a material that would help strike the right proportions, and he turned to latex to do so. 

Another aspect Harri has championed is latex’s sustainable benefits.In an interview withVogue, Harri noted that latex isn’t derived from animals the way leather is. Latex’s status as a vegan, biodegradable material makes it a beneficial plant-based alternative, which is something we also appreciate! 

Harri Latex Fashion Week

Harri London Fashion Week

Victoria Beckham

For the designer’s first ever runway show in Paris, Victoria Beckham turned out a number of looks depicting the effortlessly elegant and cool aesthetic for which her brand is known. However, there were some unexpected details that added a touch of perversion to the glamorous styles. High-neck, ankle length dresses and draped designs were paired with latex leggings. A bright green flounce sleeved silhouette was shown with black latex gloves and leggings, providing a playful, sexy element to an otherwise pretty, safe design.

Victoria Beckham London Fashion Week

Victoria Beckham Latex Fashion Week


For the Spring/Summer 2023, Moschino delivered cheeky fashions it’s known and loved for. The runway show was peppered with inflatable designs. Some were added as a (somewhat) subtle feature, such as an inflatable heart detail on the shoulder of a dress, while other designs featured inflatables more prominently. Although they weren’t latex, they were just as fun, kitschy and boundary pushing.

Moschino Runway Show

Moschino Runway Show

Photos ℅ Vogue and WWD

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