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Styled To Rock 'Kelly Osbourne Rocks the Red Carpet' Episode 103

November 13, 2013 2 min read

This episode two new contestants were added to the show, Laura T. & Sergio. That was a shocker! 

After three people where eliminated, the number of contestants seemed so much less. I felt much closer to the end of the competition...then they throw two more people into the mix and it was like we were starting all over again. 

The design challenge for Kelly Osbourne was for a red carpet look with a "Nod" to punk. The catch was, we could not use any black AT ALL. I was excited to challenge myself with color. I mostly wear black and this was going to really push me outside my box. 

I started of with the dusty pink latex color to create the bra base. When Chris Benz came around to check out our designs he loved the pink latex I picked out and said it might be cool to do a tone on tone look. So I set off to the fabric store with this in mind. 

Everyone else was doing short dress looks and I wanted to do a gown. This is something I normally never get to do and for a "Red Carpet" look I thought it would be the perfect opportunity. 

During the critique Mel went around and he told me from the start that he hated my fabric. Unfortunately, there was nothing I could do about it at that point, so I had to make it work. I personally loved and still love the color of the fabric. Fashion and art is heavily based in personal opinion and some people will love what you do and some people will hate it. 

I can say that the pull this episode SUCKED! It was just out right mean. Pulling people up to the front and then telling them they did not make the pull. I felt like I was back in school and the cool kids were picking on us. They called my name first so I thought well maybe the design of my dress out shined the color. Once they started calling other people I knew what was up. 

The critique with the mentors went well, they recognized my inspiration for punk and loved the latex pieces but it came down to the color and the over all look they felt was not very Kelly. 

As a designer I have my own design style, which may or may not fit every client. That's the moral of this episode.