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Styled To Rock // Miley Cyrus 'Miley's Sexy Night Out' Episode 104

November 18, 2013 2 min read

This episode our challenge was to design a club look for Miley Cyrus using leather, silk and gold. I sketched leather motorcycle pants with major seaming, a latex sports bra and sheer silk top. Dexter and Sergio were hanging around my table and, though it started as a joke, we all decided I should make them into bootie shorts. 

When Mel came in and dropped the bomb at Tish, Miley's mom was coming to approve the looks, my first thought was, "shit I cant show her this sketch of her daughters ass hanging out." FYI this was filmed PRE VMA twerking on stage! I thought I might be going a little too sexy with the look. 

When Tish came in, she made it clear that she (and Miley) would prefer the bootie shorts. That led to me cutting my almost completed leather pants I just worked 15+hours on. It was heart breaking!

I made the pull along side Autumn, Sergio and Ahni and was, with Sergio, picked by Miley as one of the top two looks. I was very happy to make the pull again and to be safe for another week. But even more, I was sure I had this one in the bag...until Miley called Sergio's name as the winner. Brand new and he won two in a row!

We also got a DAY OFF FROM FILMING! I can't even describe what a big deal this was at the time. We were cooped up in a house, not leaving the premises for days a time. Then to have a day of freedom--it was fabulous! We ran around Los Angeles, loving every minute of it. A delicious sushi lunch was a great break from the catered food we have been eating for weeks. Andre passed out on my shoulder in the van and was drooling on me (see oh so flattering photos below). But the highlight of the day was watching the sun set in Santa Monica.
I hope you also enjoy the fantastic fashion show Laura Taka Taka and Dexter entertained us with. I think the photos capture the highly entertaining moment well. 
Till Next Week!