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Styled To Rock 'Lighting Up Nervo' Episode 106

December 01, 2013 1 min read

For the Nervo challenge we needed to incorporate LED lighting technology while keeping the "street" feel that Mim & Liv have. Sergio and I teamed up for this challenge. Having similar work styles, we new we would work well together. It was fortunate that we were standing next to each other when they told us to find a partner. I moved closer to Sergio and he put his arm around me. Autumn is another contestant I would have loved to team up with. 

Sergio and I had a good plan, deciding to create styles similar to what the girls were comfortable with. Sergio created a more feminine look with a light up bra and sheer top draped over. I went with a vest and latex bra. We wanted to let the lights to be the star of our garments. I thought it would be great to also focus on their logo. With such a strong image, I knew that it would transfer well. 

This was my favorite challenge so far in Styled To Rock. It was cool working with the tech guys and learning about how the lights work. I have tried to work with them in the past with not nearly as much success. The light team gave me great suggestions to use in the future, which I am anxious to try.