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Styled To Rock // 'Rocking the Stage for The Band Perry' Episode 107

December 10, 2013 2 min read

Yea! I finally won a challenge.


Phew... But me being me, I'm still not satisfied since its a group challenge and I want to win a personal challenge ;)


It was great working with Ahni and Autumn. Both were a pleasure to work with. The three of us worked strongly together. We were all up late helping each other to finish our looks. At the end all three of us where sewing Kimberly's dress.


For The Band Perry, we spent a lot of time finding out what each band member liked to wear. Since I had experience with mens wear I chose Reid to design for. The event was set for a hot summer outdoor venue. Reid rocks leather pants most of the time so I wanted to mix denim with leather to help with some of the heat he would experience for the outdoor event. I paired the pants with a classic tee in a distressed gray fabric. The color spotlight was all about Kimberly, so we kept the guys in all black. Autumn and I hand dyed the white silk for Kimberly's dress. Autumn's vision was for a red to pink Ombre dye. It was stressful doing this such tight time constraints. The fabric and colors turned out amazing.


We made all the belts, necklaces and accessories on this challenge as well. We wanted to make sure we had all the right pieces to go with our looks.


We got a day off between filming so we got to go on a Starbucks run and I snuck in a short workout with Dexter.


We are on to the LAST 5 contestants....Crunch time!