Styled To Rock // 'Hollywood Glam for Khloé' Episode 108

by Lady Vex | December 18, 2013

*WARNING the following are my opinions only!


"I thought this was Styled To Rock.” "Why is a Kardashian on this show?” "Where am I?!” These are all questions I started asking myself during this episode. 


I am going to keep this entry quick. To be honest, this episode was right up there with the Kelly Osborne one for least amount of fun. I came on the show expecting it to be Styled to Rock—not styled to the Red Carpet Party. A big part of my decision to do this show is because I was excited by the idea of something different, which this episode did not deliver on. I know I am not the only one who thought this. From the title of the show, I imagined creating "mind blowing" stage wear or costumes. Don't get me wrong, I loved being on the show and creating every piece I made. It was just not what I expected. 


To sum up this episode. Our direction from Khloe Kardashianwas to create Grammy “after-party” look. She wanted to show off her best asset, her legs, and embrace a Hollywood glamour sensibility.  


Much like previous challenges, Kylie Minogue "Year 3000" or Miley Cyrus "Silk", none of us took the direction of Hollywood Glamour too literally. Not only because historically it was not what the celebrity really wanted but also because it would be hard to achieve Hollywood glamour with a  short skirt. 


Think about it, when you picture Hollywood Glamour, you see a long flowing gown. But if you want to show your legs and you’re going to an after party, who the hell wants to wear a long gown? NO ONE!


So keeping with my style I made her a TIGHT, SHORT dress. Based on the looks she provided us as reference, is just what she loves wearing. DONE! I also made the handbag that went with the dress. Which was overlooked completely in the finale edit. I might also add that its a BITCH to sew latex onto a conventional fabric. Latex and needles are not friends plus the latex gets caught up in the presser foot of the machine so you need to use lube to push it though, all while not getting lube on the fabric or it will leave a grease mark. 


I was also frustrated with the comments from Khloe saying she likes latex "only in the bedroom” and Ne-yo’s comments about the lack of research. It was my research that made me decide to take the risk with latex. Check out the following photos of Khloe in a latex catsuit. Photos I found while extensively researching my client.


We also got another day off! YAY!!! Sleep and fresh air! We all headed down to Madame Tussauds Hollywood. The photos speak for themselves.


I'm going to go watch Pharrell's "Happy" video to make myself feel better!


Onto the next challenge. There are only 4 of us left!




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