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February 07, 2022 2 min read

Nineties nostalgia has been influencing fashion for the last year or so. Films like Clueless have resurrected an appreciation for certain trends, but one film, in particular, has embraced a look we at Vex love. WhenThe Matrix debuted in 1999, it stood out for many reasons, including the costumes. The film’s main characters wore head-to-toe black, including vinyl catsuits and other latex-like, giving them a futuristic, edgy, and sexy aesthetic that stood out from other films of the time. Now, with the release of the latest film in the franchiseThe Matrix Resurrections, we’re taking a look at how to recreate the same, sexy looks with a few of our favorite latex pieces.

Matrix Latex Outfits

The late nineties spotlighted one of our favorite ways to wear latex. One of the main characters, Trinity, sports a long sleeve black catsuit with a front zipper, which wasn’t technically latex but it’s reminiscent of the Moderne Catsuit. You can also recreate a similar aesthetic with the Plunge Bodysuit. Aside from The Matrix characters, this sexy piece had another standout moment in Britney Spears’ Oops I Did It Again video a little while later. Britney sported a long sleeve style similar to The Matrix characters only in red. The Simple Catsuitis a perfect option to emulate either style.

Tank and Pants

Matrix Outfits

One-pieces weren’t the only style in the characters’ wardrobe. They also embraced separates made mostly of leather and vinyl, including a fitted tank with matching pants, as well as a black t-shirt with black trousers and holster. The latest Matrix movie channels a similar look, featuring characters wearing (what appears to be latex) separates in the opening sequence.

Matrix Resurrections

Luckily, you can recreate the same look with a few Vex pieces. For a head-to-toe latex look, try the Sleeveless Crop Top, Muscle Crop, or Moderne Halter Top paired with the Moto Leggings(or Classic) or Pepper Jeans. Guys should try the tee with the Classic Jeans or Rocker Pants for a look similar to Neo. Add suspenders and  a holsterfor the full effect.

Trench Coat

Matrix Trench Coat

A trench coat is a key staple to any wardrobe and outerwear was central to the characters’ costumes. Latex gives a classic trench an edgy upgrade. We recommend the Flasher Trench Coat for a Matrix-esque look.

Party looks

Matrix party fetish costumes

Latex was featured throughout the series in some other notable ways, such as the party scene from the original film and in an elegant dress in The Matrix Reloaded. To bring the world of fetish to life in the party scene, costume designers used different latex pieces, including a long sleeve, bustier-style top with a front zipper. To emulate this look, try the Cinema Top or the Lacet Top. A few years later, latex was used to create a subdued, feminine dress in the sequel. Vex made a replica years later, but you can still achieve a similar aesthetic with the Plunge Dress or the V-Fishnet Gown.

Whatever look is your favorite, there are many ways to channel the sexy, edgy vibe of The Matrix with pieces from Vex!