Pjur Cult Ultra Shine Spray

pjur® Cult Ultra Shine is the new shining spray for all lovers of rubber, latex and leather garments. The scene has long supported the classic dressing aid pjur® Cult now receives an enhancement product for their fetish.
The major point in formulating pjur Cult Ultra Shine spray was to deliver a mirror finish to the sprayed area giving the material a sensational and exciting appearance. At the same time it deeply conditions rubber, latex and leather making it soft and supple, extending durability and increasing smoothness. The unique formulation is never sticky, smear resistant and long lasting. The use is similarly easy: Spray the rubber, latex, and leather garments from approximately 30 cm distance.
Like all products from the pjur group the spray is a quality product 'made in Germany'. Fragrance and preservative free, the product was developed without animal testing and contains no animal bi products.
Given the import restrictions imposed by many countries on aerosol containers, pjur’s Cult Ultra Shine’s pump bottle is good for the environment.
250 ml Spray Bottle


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