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Stained Glass

October 30, 2013 1 min read

Vex Clothing and Fetish Model Kumi Monster have reinvented the distinguished prairie style into custom latex clothing designs.  Prairie has been profoundly recognized for its architectural designs, while simultaneously exhibiting great imagination in its stained glass patterns.  Inspiration, developed from geometric abstraction and a framework for natural elements, created original layouts for each design.  Prairie style created a vision of brilliant structure within the framework of each light screen.   

Prairie style design pieces are created by Vex Clothing designers.  Vex Clothing designers encourage customer participation in creating custom items such as garment style, color options, and framework elements. After the Vex Clothing designer and the client complete the final details, a thorough sketch will be submitted to await client approval.  Once the sketch has been approved, a Vex Clothing designer will construct the entire garment while incorporating the transparent latex in the area to be stained, based on the design.  Once the entire garment is produced, the framework is added.  The framework is created by placing strips of black latex in the pattern of the design.  The transparent latex is then stained by the careful application of stain.

The completed product is a magnificent masterpiece. The latex shine enhances each element of the stained design to further understand the vision of prairie style stained glass.