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    B Akerlund;,
    Works With Madonna, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj

    "Laura / VEX is my go to latex person, She always has an open mind and her attention to detail is beyond perfection. What I love about working with Laura is that, anything is possible and she is a YES woman."

    Forever your fan

    "Laura is a fashion designer first and foremost, latex just happens to be her preferred medium which she has made herself an expert on. From the design to the construction and execution her pieces are impeccable and always crowd-pleasers."

    Love yah!
    Costume stylist, Lady Gaga

    "There's nothing Laura can't do with some rubber and glue! Watching Laura bring to life designs which were once only regulated to standard "materials" has been the most exciting part of my creative adventures with Vex. Vex has pioneered the transition of latex from Fetish to Fashion."


    Marni Senofonte
    Celebrity Stylist, Beyonce' and Kendall Jenner