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Bespoke // Custom Design

Custom Design Service for Luxury Latex

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Over the years, Vex Clothing, Inc. has created some of the most interesting and creative latex clothing in the U.S. The method of creating custom gear is a collaboration between the client and a Vex Clothing designer. Although Vex Clothing carries an extensive and creative ready made collection, our specialty is custom design.

A custom design can be initiated by discussion via email, telephone, mail, or a personal visit. Some clients supply a description, a sketch, or a photograph, as basis for their idea. Vex Clothing encourages customer participation to assist in the final production of an item that is specifically personal. Vex Clothing will then identify the design concept and ideas for the design.

After discussions of ideas and style, Vex Clothing will supply the client with a detailed drawing. A designer will actively work with the client until Vex Clothing is given approval on a final drawing. A measurement chart may be filled out by the client or by a Vex Clothing designer. Once the measurements are taken and the design has been approved Vex Clothing will give a price quote, as well as a timeline, for the completion of the project. (Please note Vex Clothing requires a deposit of $100 before any sketches will be supplied. This insures copyright on Vex Clothing, Inc. designs.)

Vex Clothing will then create a personal pattern from the acquired measurements, based on the design of the client. If a personal fitting is not possible, Vex will either send off a rough outfit for a fitting, or the finished garment will be sent with any fit issues to be corrected afterwards.

The final product is truly something to behold – nothing else looks or feels like latex. Vex Clothing is sure that you and your admirers will love your custom latex creation that fits your body in all the right places.

Vex Clothing understands that custom tailoring is an essential part of customer service. We look forward to meeting the requirements and expectations you require, as the most discerning latex connoisseur.


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