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Repairs & Alterations


Vex Clothing offers a repair and alteration service for all latex designs. We assure the highest quality in all of our garments, but we provide this service for mishaps, accidents, transformed body shapes or problems with other latex designers and name brand items. We know the importance of owning special latex items and want to comfort our customers with repair reassurance; however, some used garments may not adhere to the new latex and will not be able to be repaired or altered. This can happen due to the shining of the latex with water-based lubricants or other shiners, or if the latex sheeting is provided by a different manufacturer.

If you are interested in utilizing this service please follow the process below. 

Inquiry and Quote with a detailed description of the problem and an image of the damaged item. Make sure your email addresses the following questions. 

  • Approx age of the item?
  • Who made the item?
  • Do you know what brand latex it is? For example: Radical Rubber vs 4D Rubber
  • Is it chlorinated?

We’ll provide an estimate based on the above description.  After you approve the estimate, you can start to prep your item to ship. 


Prior to shipping the garment it must be properly washed removing all lubricants and shiners. We recommend you use  Viviclean to remove any residue. Talc the inside and outside of the garment. If an unwashed, shined, or not fully talc covered item is received by Vex Clothing a $75 washing fee will be charged.

You must print, complete, and include the authorization from we provide by email with the item so that we know who the piece belongs to and what we need to do to repair it. If the item is sent to Vex Clothing without the signed sheet, the garment will be refused for repair. 


All items shipped to us must be sent to the address provided on the authorization form. We highly recommend shipping using a trackable service, and insuring your shipment in the event of damage in transit or loss of package.


In very rare cases, the garment may tear or encounter damage due to a weak seam, the restoration process, or the deconstruction of the garment for repair or alteration. Vex Clothing will try to repair the damage to the best of their abilities, but cannot be held responsible if the item cannot be restored.

We are delighted to assist you in the improvement of your latex marvel. Be sure to view Vex Clothing’s collection of garments and custom pieces, in order to witness the highest quality garments in latex.