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May 08, 2023 4 min read 2 Comments

Have you ever wondered how celebrities like Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian manage to slide into their latex bodysuits so effortlessly? The truth is, there is a way to properly wear and care for latex. Whether you recently made your first purchase or you have a closet full of latex, there are some things to know when wearing our favorite material. But first, here’s a quick latex lesson.

Latex is a natural material and is a form of rubber, unlike vinyl, which looks similar but is man-made. Because of this, latex is a higher quality material and is also more expensive. It also hugs and complements the curves, which is why it’s important to know how to properly wear and care for your latex pieces!

Below is a step-by-step guide to making the most out of wearing latex.

#1 Know your sizes:

As with anything, fit is important. Because latex is a natural material, it has a slinky, figure-hugging effect that’s flattering for any body shape when it fits properly. If a piece is too small and you have to pull or force it on your body, you risk splitting or damaging the latex. The opposite is also true; if a garment is too big it can gap and not have the intended flattering effect.  Vex offers a range of sizes, but some pieces can also be customized. If you don’t see your size in something, please reach out as it might be possible to have it made specifically for you and your body. Be sure to provide your recent measurements when ordering to ensure accuracy!

#2 Be prepared: 

Once you’ve taken your measurements and have ordered and received your latex, it’s time to get dressed. But when it comes to latex, you don’t want to rush it! You need to be prepared and take your time getting dressed. 

Since it’s rubber, latex clings to the skin, which is something we love aesthetically but can make it challenging to put on your body, since it causes friction. You want to avoid trying to tug or yank any garments or you could damage them. Instead, there are some tricks to make the process easier. 

First, avoid wearing long nails or jewelry when getting dressed. Long nails can cause rips or snags, so we recommend wearing cotton gloves when putting on your garment. Metals, including bronze and copper, cause discoloration and should be avoided.

Next, make sure your skin is clean and dry when getting dressed. Don’t try slipping into latex after getting out of the shower or after applying body lotion or oil; creams and oils can damage the latex and also make it difficult to get dressed.

Make sure you have either talcum powder or a lubricant handy to minimize the friction. Either will help the latex more easily glide onto your body. If using talcum powder, sprinkle it liberally on your body and/or the garment. Keep in mind that, because it’s powder, it can leave residue on your body and elsewhere so be mindful of where you apply it, to avoid leaving powder everywhere. If using lubricant, you’ll need a silicone-based option, not a water-based one. Apply the lubricant to your body and/or the inside of the garment. 

Whichever you choose, it’s now time to gently put on your latex. The best way to do this is to roll it first along the seams; to put it on, slowly unroll the garment along your body, positioning it properly as you go. A helpful tip is to place one hand between your skin and the latex to help it glide on more easily. 

Once it’s on, gently smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles with your hand. If the garment isn’t positioned as it should be, don’t try to grab or adjust it. You can again slide your hand between your skin and the garment and try to readjust or remove and start over, which is the safest option to avoid tears or rips.

Now you’re ready to go!

#3 Take care:

Before you leave, you may want to make your latex shine. To do so, use a cloth to apply a little amount of lubricant to your garment. You can also use a latex-shine spray, which might be a little less messy. Regardless of what you use, wash your hands after shining and before you head out!

When the time comes to get undressed, you still want to take care of taking your garment off, but it should be easier than getting it on. Place your hand between your skin and the latex and gently pull the garment away from your body. Don’t yank or pinch! Again, slowly roll it off your body and slide out of the garment. Another option is to roll it off inside out, which may be easier and help avoid yanking or pinching the fabric. 

Once it’s off, it’s best to clean your garment right away. You can do so using lukewarm water and a bit of gentle soap. Avoid scrubbing and don’t put it in a washing machine! Once it’s cleaned, you can let it hang dry, doing so on a non-metal hanger. After it’s dried, you want to properly store it, keeping it in a plastic bag or a wardrobe bag that blocks sunlight. Exposure to light can cause damage and will shorten the lifespan of the garment. 

And that’s it! If that seems intimidating, don’t get discouraged. Latex, as with any high quality product, needs to be treated with care, but it’s also durable, long-lasting and highly flattering. The more you wear it, the more you’ll get used to it!

2 Responses

Jason Stormbringer
Jason Stormbringer

May 08, 2024

Double check your measurements before ordering. Use talcum powder or a silicone to get dressed into latex. Use a shine to make the latex shine better. When done clean with lukewarm water. Dry after cleaning and keep out of sunlight.

Steve S
Steve S

May 08, 2024

what are your thoughts on using adhesives such as Bikini Bite or Hold Up to help latex clothing stay in place?

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