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December 06, 2023 3 min read

If you have been subscribing to the Vex way of life, you understand the importance of taking care of your latex. Are talc and shiner the only products you need? Not exactly; if your goal is to extend your latex wear, here are some tips you may want to know to keep your latex garments looking fresh and clean.

Talc vs. Lube

Talc or Lube enables you to get into the garment with ease, reducing the chances of rips and tears. It may be necessary to turn your garment inside out and distribute the Talcum Powder evenly throughout. Dressing aid products can also be an excellent substitute for baby powder. You want to spray the dressing aid inside the garment and rub a small amount onto your skin as you would do with lotion, which will glide onto your skin with ease. Choosing between the two is a personal preference that you will determine after trying each.

Latex Gloves Soaking In Cleaning Fluid

Washing Your Garment

So you have worn your latex, and now it is time to hand wash your garment, here's what you do. Run water over your latex and wash it with an antibacterial soap. It is essential to be aware of what you are using; please note that colored soap may stain your latex. We have experienced customers who have washed their black latex with blue colored Dawn dish soap, and upon setting the latex to dry, there was yep, you guessed it, tints of blue! We recommend using our Disinfectant and Antibacterial Wash, an intensive and careful latex soap. It is skin-friendly, dermatologically tested, dye and perfume-free!

Latex Garment Hanging On A Hanger

Shining Your Latex

While wearing your latex, you want to get the most out of it by making it gleam with shine. We do offer two different types of shiners; a Spray-On and a Dip Shine.

Spray-On: While wearing your latex piece, rub or spray Latex Polish on your garment and distribute it with a non-absorbing cloth. Our Latex Wipe Cloths found in our store is simply the best at removing lint and dust to create a smooth surface. If you don't have a cloth, use your hands and distribute the product evenly.

Dip-Shine: Wash to remove all powder and lube, then in clean water, add the Latex Polish in a sink, tub, etc., and soak garment—then hang to dry. Once it is fully dry, the inside will be lubed, and the outside will have a perfect shine. This is an excellent method when you have many items to shine at a time.

Female Storing Latex In A Suitcase

Storing Your Latex

Storing your latex is just as important a step as washing it. To extend your garments' life, you can either store your latex in a box, drawer, or closet. Keeping them away from natural sunlight and prevents sun damage from happening, which can discolor your latex pieces.

Before storing, however, it is a good habit to distribute some Talcum Powder to keep your latex nice and matte while it is stored away. If you are storing away multiple latex pieces, please be aware that some dominant latex colors such as reds, hot pinks, and blues may stain lighter latex colors.

It is smart to store away multiple latex pieces in your closet, keeping them apart from rubbing next to each other. Keeping your latex moisturized with shine while being stored away prevents your latex from drying out and will give your garments an extended life.

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